Much progress has been made in the area of Marriage Equality in the United States – far beyond what many older LGBTQ persons dreamed would occur in their lifetimes!

The Board of Directors of Interweave Continental works hard with our congregations and their Interweave chapters to create change and establish a more just society for LGBTQ persons (see our November 2013 newsletter to learn more about Interweave Continental and its Board of Directors).

In addition to Marriage Equality, we draw your attention to these important areas that need our active support:

our youth, who are coming out at younger ages.
the growing number of elderly LGBTQ persons, who face inequalities in health care and housing.
violence against transgender persons.
Please use the following issues of our newsletter, Interweave Connect, to expand your insights into these topics:

LGBTQ Youth (September 2012)
LGBTQ Elders (April 2013)
Transgender Persons (October 2013)

Please click on the Newsletter tab on our website to see the latest issue of Interweave Connect.

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